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Astrophotography at Kiripotib

Kiripotib’s fortes include: Our mountings and telescopes are perfectly maintained and functional. All mountings are equipped with the easy-to-use FS-2 GoTo drive and have been polar aligned.

Our GP-D2 unit is equipped with an auto-guiding unit consisting of an ALccd 5.2 guiding camera and a MiniBorg ED guide scope. This equipment allows for beautiful wide angle shots with long-focal length- or smaller lenses.

Experience will count in your favour when working with longer focal lengths. The quality of the results depends primarily on your knowledge of your equipment.

For this reason, we recommend familiarising yourself with the reserved equipment even before leaving home.

HinweisExperience and knowledge of telescopes, mountings, camera, Guiding/Astroguiding and photography is taken for granted.