ICS GND Dobson auf Kiripotib Astrofarm NamibiaAstro-TeleskopeDobson Milchstraße

The 14,5" ICS Dobsonian telescope

Martin Birkmaier lovingly prepared our Dobson with a strong Mulitplex. This premium lens system was specifically picked to provide our stargazers with endless hours of perfect viewing under the Namibian night sky.

HinweisA comfortable and adjustable Berlebach viewing chair is part of the package.

HinweisAdditionally, you can rent a TeleVue eyepiece set, consisting of Nagler 31mm, 16mm, 9mm, 7mm, and Panoptic 27mm eyepieces.

HinweisCollimation exclusively by authorized staff!

d=370mm; f=1750mm; f/4.7
Premium main mirror
Feathertouch focuser with 1:10 reduction
Filter wheel with UHC, OIII and H beta filter
Telrad Finder
Adjustable Berlebach observation chair

Hinweis Terms of use (PDF)