MilchstraßeAstro-TeleskopeMiauchi ED Grossfernglas

The Miauchi ED astronomy binoculars

These astronomy binoculars are an absolute joy to use, even in mediocre conditions. Use it in Namibia’s superb conditions and you will forget the world around you, even the exposure series that might be running on the neighbouring platform.

HinweisTo use the Miauchi ED binoculars, simply mount it on the Berlebach tripod or on a pillar mount.

d=100mm; viewing angle: 90°; real FOV 2,5°
- 26 mm (apparent FOV 66°) and
- 20 mm (apparent FOV 50°)
Eye relief: 27/19 mm (20mm/26mm eyepiece)
UHC Filter
Glass solar filter
ICS astronomy binoculars mounting

Hinweis Terms of use (PDF)