Vixen GP D2 Montierung auf KiripotibAstronomische MontierungenGP D2 auf Säule, Kiripotib Astrofarm

The Vixen GP-D2 mount

7kg load capacity, FS2 stepper motor controller (30V). Only for lens systems with aperture of up to 90mm! Equipped with a 2" Vixen dovetail clamp. A 2" double adapter, ALccd5.2 auto guiding camera and a MiniBorg guide scope also form part of the package.

The FS2 controller of the GP-D2 mount:
Interfaces: ST4- and serial interface Connections: hand controller, RA and DE motors, serial interface, encoder, 2 auto guide sockets (one RJ12). Automatic positioning is possible via FS2 control box or via Computer.

For auto guiding, the Alccd5.2 is connected to a
computer and the FS2. A direct connection
between the computer and the FS2 is not required.

Hinweis FS2 user guide (PDF)
Hinweis Terms of use (PDF)
Hinweis Images taken on this mount