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Why Kiripotib is the perfect destination for astronomy.

Limited size – no mass tourism

You will find peace and tranquillity at Kiripotib without feeling lonely. With a maximum of 8 astronomers, Kiripotib has a comfortable and homely atmosphere that will cater to you and your family’s needs.

Perfectly maintained quality instruments

We keep all instruments in mint condition. The up-to-date mountings and telescopes are property of Kiripotib, meaning that no third-party contracts are required. Our carefully planned facilities and extensive assortment of instruments and accessories speak for themselves, making Kiripotib the perfect destination for astronomers.

Affordable prices

Although your flight will make up the majority of your expense, it will become clear that our competitive prices for accommodation, transfer and equipment rental won’t require a huge budget. Kiripotib will give you great value for your money.