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Planning a trip to Namibia?

Kiripotib is the perfect destination for astronomers
and their families.

Welcome to Namibia’s one-stop address for the perfect balance of astronomy and exciting activities.

We will spoil you astronomically with outstanding stargazing equipment, luxurious accommodation, exceptional cuisine and exciting activities.

Our offers can be tailored to accommodate every wish, while remaining reasonably priced.

At Kiripotib, Namibian hospitality is at the core of what we do. We are looking forward to making your stay with us an unforgettable one.

Hans & Claudia von Hase

HinweisWhy Kiripotib is the perfect destination for astronomy.

HinweisBLOG: Picking a destination for an astro-holiday

10" Fotonewton Kiripotib Astrofarm

Astrophoto-Newtonian 10"

Designed for the demands of astrophoto-enthusiasts: The perfect scope for DSLR-/DSLM- and low weight CCD-cameras, optimized for APS-C and similar sensors.

GP Montierung

You got the choice

A wide range of mounts from GP-D2 up toMK 100. Our GP-D2 is equipped with an auto-guiding unit consisting of an ALccd 5.2 cam and a MiniBorg ED guiding scope.

Visual astronomy at Kiripotib Astrofarm Namibia

Visual astronomy at Kiripotib

You will be spoiled. Not only by our dark sky (which in fact is bright, lit by the stars of the southern Milky Way). Your eyes will like the perfect optics of our user-friendly scopes.

Astrofoto Workshop Stefan Seip

12 observation platforms...

and a roll-off roof observatory, equipped with a heavy duty mount. The platforms are wind protected and equipped with 230V power outlets and a dampened steel-pipe pillar.

APM Super ED Apo Astrograph 107/700

APM Triplet Apo Astrograph

Right from the start our number one: The APM Apo Astrograph 107/700 is equipped with a customised Reducer/Flattener f/4.9