Should you wish to bring your own lens system, please ensure that it is equipped with a 3″ track (Losmandy-compatible). This will enable you to effortlessly mount your equipment on our ALT 6ADN, Fornax, TAK EM-200 and EQ6-R mountings.
The EQ6-R mounts can also use 2” rails.

Furthermore, we keep a very extensive assortment of all imaginable adapters, extension rings, extension sleeves, cables, velcro tapes as well as two well-stocked toolboxes with complete sets of metric and imperial wrenches, pliers, soldering irons, voltage testers, calipers etc. on hand.


The following 3" adapters are available for rental:

guidingkamera5 links

Guiding camera ALccd5

At Kiripotib, you can rent additional equipment such as the Alccd5 guiding camera.

The control of the camera does NOT work with NETbooks/Atom processors!

If you need a complete autoguiding system, simply combine the ALccd5 with our guiding telescope for optics up to 900mm focal length

guidingscope links

Guiding scope (for optics up to 900mm focal length)

It adapts to all current guiding cameras (e.g. Lodestar, MGEN, ALccd) thanks to its wide focusing range. Focusing is performed via a sliding focuser with 20 mm stroke and a subsequent helical focuser (camera does not rotate) with 10 mm stroke. Both focusers can be clamped and are equipped with millimetre scales.

Your guiding camera can be connected either via a T2 female thread or a 1 1/4″ eyepiece sleeve.
Included in the rental package are 3 prism rails for:
Standard finder shoes, 2″ and 3″ dovetail clamps.
Of course, you can also rent our ALccd5.2 guiding camera in addition.
This way you have a complete autoguiding system.

MGEN Autoguider 3

MGEN Autoguider 3

Incl. guide camera, ST4 control cable, 2xUSB cable for connection to Guide Cam and power supply. Adaptations: T2,

M28.5×0.6 filter thread,

1.25″ receptacle (adapter included).

Release cables for the recording camera are not included in the package.

berlebach links


  • Berlebach Tripod
    The convincingly stable and low-vibration tripod is equipped with an adapter for the GP mount.
  • Vixen GP Tripod
    For your own mount with Vixen GP connection, a Vixen GP tripod is also available for rent.
12V netzgeraet links

12V Power Supply

For your 12V accessories a 12V /13.8V – power supply with banana plug connection is available for rent on Kiripotib.
Important note for our astro guests with MGEN:
With one exception, our 12V power supplies do not have a connection for cigarette lighter plugs! Please bring a plug-in power supply for your MGEN.