Astro Photography


All our mounts are polar aligned from May to September. All are on a sheltered 4x4m platform with decoupled, anti-vibration pier, table, chairs, ladder, 230V Euro sockets.

The Fornax 55 is accommodated in our observatory with roll-off roof.

Our mounts and telescopes are well maintained and fully functional. The mounts are southbound and equipped throughout with the reliable and easy-to-use OnStep GoTo controller, the EM-200 mount with the Takahashi Temma-2 controller.

However, the longer the focal length, the more experience you need to get satisfactory results. The better you know your gear, the greater your haul.

We therefore strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instruments you have rented at home if possible!

We require experience in handling telescopes, mounts and cameras as well as sufficient knowledge of guiding/autoguiding and astrophotography.