Vixen ED 80Sf (80/600)

d = 80 mm / f = 600 mm, with 2“TS-flattener and 7×50 finderscope, 2“dovetail plate

The ED80Sf refractor is a superb telescope that has a high imaging performance across the entire field of vision. This is easily visible on an example image. We have equipped the Vixen ED80Sf with a TS Flattener for enhanced image quality. Additionally, it also features micro transmission for precise focusing.

d=80mm; f=600mm; f/7.5
TS Flattener
Lacerta 1:10 micro transmission
2″ adapter
Tube clamps
Vixen 2″ dovetail track
7×50 finderscope


TS Apo 90 (90/600)

An apochromatic refractor with outstanding colour correction and an even field of view, perfect for astrophotography. With a TS field flattener, this telescope guarantees top contrast and sharpness. It may also be used as a guide scope. A 2.5x ED Barlow lens is part of the package.

d=90mm; f=600mm; f/6.6 (Outer-Ø dewcap: 116mm)
TS flattener 2″
2” receptacle connection
2″ Baader steel track focuser with reduction to 1 1/4″
(latest, improved model, June 2011)
2.5x ED barlow lens
Red dot finder
Tube clamps
3″ dove tail adapter


Esprit Apo 100/500

Selected and optimized by Tommy Nawratil
Incl. field flattener with M48 connection on the camera side, Lacerta motor focus (ASCOM variant without control box), 9×50 viewfinder, Losmandy rail, deflection prism, Bathinov mask.

d=100mm; f=500mm; f/5
Field Flattener M48 on camera side, backfocus 55 mm
Lacerta motor focus
9×50 viewfinder
Losmandy rail
Deflection prism
Bathinov mask


APM Apo (107/700)

Astrograph with an even field of view, suitable for chips up to full format
The focal length is shortened to f=525mm by the Reducer/Flattener. The corresponding aperture ratio is f/4.9. Users can bring their own 2” TS Flattener to obtain the full focal length.

d=107mm; f=700mm; f/6.5
Riccardi Reducer/Flattener 0.75x
3″ focuser
3″ prism track for attachment to the mounting


Lacerta 8” Photo-Newtonian

Incl. GPU coma corrector F/4 with M48 connection on the camera side, Lacerta motor focus (ASCOM variant without control box), Losmandy rail, M48 to EOS bayonet adapter, Bathinov mask

d=200mm; f=800mm; f/4
GPU coma corrector F/4 with M48 connection on the camera side
Lacerta motor focus (ASCOM variant without control box)
Losmandy rail
M48 to EOS bayonet adapter
Bathinov mask

fotonewton 10 zoll

10” Photo-Newtonian

Custom made by TS for the demands of our astrophotographers.
Rugged, stable collimation, takes DSLR-/DSLM- and low weight CCD-cameras, optimized for APS-C and similar sensors.

d=254mm; f=1000mm; f/4
TeleVue Paracorr Coma Corrector
2,5″ MoonLite focuser
3″ prism for connecting guiding telescopes and second cameras

Meade10Zoll 2

Meade 10“ ACF

Only in combination with Fornax55 or ALT 6ADN mount!                              Only for astrophotography – not for visual observing!      

d = 254 mm / f = 2500 mm,
„Baader Steeltrack“
Crayford focuser 2“
reducing bush 2“>1 1/4“,
2“ diagonal mirror,
8×50 finderscope,
3“ dovetail plate
24 zoll dobson links

ICS 24” Dobsonian telescope

The new ICS 24″ GND expands our range for visual astronomers.
We are offering 2 Dobsonians and 2 giant binoculars.
The rent package comes with a full set of Ethos eyepieces.


d=600mm; f=2400mm; f/4.0
Premium primary mirror
Feathertouch Focuser witht 1:10 reduction
Eyepieces: Ethos 21 – 13 – 8 – 4,7
TeleVue Paracorr
Filter wheel: UHC, OIII, H-Beta, Grey 64x, 8x
Telrad finder

You can book this instrument with us. Confirmation and billing of the rent in € is then made directly by the owner ICS (see price list).



Martin Birkmaier lovingly prepared our Dobson with a strong Mulitplex. This premium lens system was specifically picked to provide our stargazers with endless hours of perfect viewing under the Namibian night sky.
– A comfortable and adjustable Berlebach viewing chair is part of the package.
– Additionally, you can rent a TeleVue eyepiece set, consisting of Nagler 31mm, 16mm, 9mm, 7mm, and Panoptic 27mm eyepieces.


d=370mm; f=1750mm; f/4.7
Premium main mirror
Feathertouch focuser with 1:10 reduction
Filter wheel with UHC, OIII and H beta filter
Telrad Finder
Adjustable Berlebach observation chair


Giant Binocular Miauchi 100mm 90°

These astronomy binoculars are an absolute joy to use, even in mediocre conditions. Use it in Namibia’s superb conditions and you will forget the world around you

To use the Miauchi ED binoculars, you need the Berlebach tripod or a pillar mount.


d=100mm; viewing angle: 90°; real FOV 2,5°
– 26 mm (apparent FOV 66°) and
– 20 mm (apparent FOV 50°)
Eye relief: 27/19 mm (20mm/26mm eyepiece)
UHC Filter
Glass solar filter
ICS astronomy binoculars mounting


Giant Binocular Fujinon 150mm

The 25×150 is perfect for observing faint, large-area structures. The combination of twice 150 mm aperture, 6 mm exit pupil and 2.7° field of view is unique. A breathtaking view of the Milky Way: a multitude of pinpoint stars up to the edge of the large field of view, size limit approx. 13m5, completely pure in colour. The whole sky is strewn with innumerable mists and shreds of mist. Cirrus, Dumbbell, M8, Eta Carinae, Trifid, Tarantula – clear, structured, crystal clear.

Power: 25x
ICS astronomy binoculars mounting

You can book this instrument with us. Confirmation and billing of the rent in € is then made directly by the owner ICS (see price list).

Journey Description

From Windhoek you follow the B6, which skirts the beautiful Auas Mountains (follow directions to the International Airport). After about 24 km, turn right on to the C23 (direction Dordabis). From Dordabis you take the gravel road C15 / MR33 (direction Uhlenhorst). At Klein Nouas, you pass an old white tower on the right hand side. From here you drive straight on to the D1448 for about 12 kilometres – the entrance to the  Kiripotib farmstead is on the right hand side (well signposted).  
From the International Airport Windhoek you drive in the direction of Windhoek and, after about 20 km, you turn left onto the C23 (direction Dordabis). From Dordabis, follow the directions as outlined above.
If you are travelling from the South, take the C15 / MR33 to Uhlenhorst and from there travel towards Dordabis. About 20 km beyond Uhlenhorst (before you reach Dordabis) you turn right onto a small gravel road D1219 until you reach a t-junction – some 23 km.  From there you turn left and drive on the D1448 for about 8 km until you reach Kiripotib.