After a long Astro night with successful observation a good and relaxing sleep is important. You stay in comfortable chalets or cosy guest rooms with African flair. Each room has its own private terrace, quality bedding, air conditioners and a mini-safe. You have access to WiFi and the mobile network from all of our rooms.

Food / Dining

The good is close to us!

For our astronomers we offer a late and sumptuous breakfast in a family atmosphere. 

In the early afternoon coffee, tea and cake are served at the Astro Villa, and dinner is served early enough so that you can start with your activities as soon as the stars are coming up.

In our warm-up hut near the observatories, astronomers are served a night soup or snack as part of their half-board. Especially during the cold nights in June and July, the warm-up hut is a social centre, and many an Astro photographer has been deprived of the dark adaptation by the South African red wine, while outside his Astro camera dutifully reeled off its exposure series…

In preparing our meals we try to minimise the carbon foot print wherever possible. Most of the perishable ingredients are home-grown in our vegetable garden, citrus grove and game reserve. These include daily fresh milk and cream from our Jersey-cows, eggs from our rebellious, free running chickens, herbs and veggies from our garden and meat from wildlife (guaranteed free of antibiotics). From all of these natural ingredients our cooks create delicious meals that are a fusion of traditional Namibian, continental and European cuisines.

Do you prefer a vegan or gluten free diet, or are allergic to certain foods? No problem, inform us beforehand and we will cater for your every need.


plan your Trip

Decide on a new moon phase:
Plan your Astro vacation around the new moon phase to observe undisturbed by moonlight. The table shows  you the ideal Astro times in 2024.

Please send us your booking request as early as possible, preferably a year ahead so that you can reserve your favourite equipment and room and to avoid disappointment.


Astro-timeNew Moon
30.04 – 13.05 08.05.2024
29.05 – 11.0606.06.2024
27.06 – 11.0706.07.2024
27.07 – 09.0804.08.2024
26.08 – 08.0903.09.2024


Astro-timeNew Moon


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