Remote Observatory


The Kiripotib Astro Farm now offers remote observatories for rent. In May 2023 we put the first remote observatory into operation and since then approx. 600 h have been exposed there (as at January 2024).

The observatory is designed as a retractable roof. The basic dimensions are 2m x 4m and the roof is retracted to the east. There is a flap on the opposite side, which can be lowered if required. Inside is a steel pillar for the mount, power connection and an internet cable. The roll-up roof cabins are delivered ready to use, including a motor to open the roof and flap.

The technical implementation of the remote control is the responsibility of the tenants. For this you need to come to Kiripotib Astro Farm. We provide a cloud sensor, a surveillance camera for the site as well as electricity and internet.

We are also happy to consider special requests when building your own remote station.

The costs are staggered and amount to N$ 6 000.00 per month for the first twelve months, N$ 7 000.00 per month for the second year and N$ 8 000.00 per months for the third and subsequent years. The minimum term is three years. After that, the contract is automatically extended by one year.

Please send us an email if you are interested in a remote observatory on the Kiripotib Astro farm.