General Information



Kiripotib is located 160 km South-East of Windhoek, a drive of between 1.5 and 2 hours.

We offer a shuttle service to pick you up upon arrival at the international airport or drop you there on your way back.

If you want to travel with your own car, we gladly assist with the car rental. However, we do recommend making bookings before your arrival, especially in peak season! All rentals in Namibia conform to international quality and safety standards.

For guests arriving by plane, two long runways guarantee safety reserves for take off and landing. Please advise with reservation, when you are coming by plane.

Travel Tips

Discover (Lufthansa) offers daily direct flights to Windhoek, Ethopian Airways fly via Addis Abeba and Quatar Airways via Doha to Windhoek. Flight time for direct flights to Windhoek is about ten hours. Other airlines offer flights via Johannesburg (SA) to Namibia. Take a fleece jacket along on your flight as the air condition can sometimes be excessively icy and cause an unwanted cold.

EU-citizens need a passport valid at least six months longer than the intended visit (meaning after your planned departure). There must be at least two pages available/empty for stamps. Upon entry, you will be issued with a tourist visa, which is valid for a maximum of 90 days. Always cross-check the validity period of the visa with the date of your homebound flight!

For your stay in Namibia and at Kiripotib you do not need any special vaccinations beyond the requirements in Central Europe. However, it is recommended to renew the immune protection for tetanus and hepatitis A+B in time before starting your trip. If you plan a safari to the northern part of Namibia between September and May, you should seek individual advice from your doctor. With the exception of the northern part, Namibia is free of Malaria! Throughout Namibia conditions are very hygienic.

Covid-19: Since the end of August 2022, anyone traveling to Namibia does not need to present proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test on arrival. All Covid-19 requirements have been removed due to the current good epidemiological situation in Namibia. If a negative PCR test is required for entry into your home country, we are happy to assist with the organization.

The Namibian Dollar (NAD) is the official currency in Namibia. There is a fixed exchange rate of 1:1 to the South African Rand (ZAR), therefore you can also pay with Rand. At the airport in Windhoek you can withdraw money from the cash machine („ATM“) with your EC-card. Exchange bureaus are also located at the airport as well as in all major towns and cities. Here you can exchange your currency for Namibian Dollars for a small fee. In principle you don’t need any cash at our lodge. Everything can be booked onto your room bill and paid by card. Only for a shopping tour, a trip to one of the farms in the neighbourhood, or if you want to give a tip to our employees, you have to be in possession of cash.

On Kiripotib it is mandatory to have a private travel health insurance including repatriation and accidents. Better safe than sorry! Furthermore, insurance for last minute cancellations and baggage loss are also a good idea.

The Namibian summer lasts from October to April, during which time daily temperatures usually range between 30-38°C. The height of summer (around December to January) can also see temperatures as high as 40°C. Don’t be alarmed however, as the low humidity makes for a much less intense heat than in the tropics. Nights hover mostly around the 20°C mark. The rainy season is at the beginning of November and then again from January to March, during which there is a good chance of dramatic spectacles in the sky! During the nights on the other hand, the skies are usually clear and feature some of the best star gazing in the world.

The Namibian winter is usually milder than the central European summer. It lasts from May to September and daily temperatures are between 20 – 28°C. There is no rain during winter and the skies are crystal clear! The lack of clouds during winter causes night temperatures to plummet as soon as the sun sets. Be prepared for 10°C and lower (even the occasional frosts).

For the summer in Namibia, you should bring mostly light clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Pack a pair of trousers and a jacket, as it can get chilly sometimes. But don’t forget your swim suit! The sun in Namibia is extremely intense and so it is recommended to wear long sleeves, a hat and sun block whenever you’re outside. SPF 30 and above are recommended. Also, do take some proper shoes along.

Our winters are best enjoyed in jeans and a shirt, or even shorts and a t-shirt. But don’t underestimate the sun! A hat and sun block are obligatory, also in winter. As the nights and evenings can be decidedly chilly, bring a proper jacket, hat, scarf and warm shoes. Also, the ambient humidity drops to very low levels (20-30%) in winter and calls for a good moisturiser for hands, face and body.

Kiripotib is supplied with 220 Volt electricity. We will gladly provide you with Euro plug adapters for your rooms.

You have cell phone reception on the farm and Wi-Fi access. Prepaid cards for your cell phone are available directly upon arrival at the airport in the MTC store or in Windhoek. We recommend to switch off roaming on your telephone.

African Wanderer in cooperation with african Kirikara safaris has been offering itineraries and safaris in Namibia and Botswana for over 20 years. We are happy to put together safari itineraries for you and make the bookings for lodges, camps, rental cars, etc. Discover distinctive landscape and fascinating wildlife of African on a guided tour or drive on you own in a rental car.

Journey Description

From Windhoek you follow the B6, which skirts the beautiful Auas Mountains (follow directions to the International Airport). After about 24 km, turn right on to the C23 (direction Dordabis). From Dordabis you take the gravel road C15 / MR33 (direction Uhlenhorst). At Klein Nouas, you pass an old white tower on the right hand side. From here you drive straight on to the D1448 for about 12 kilometres – the entrance to the  Kiripotib farmstead is on the right hand side (well signposted).  
From the International Airport Windhoek you drive in the direction of Windhoek and, after about 20 km, you turn left onto the C23 (direction Dordabis). From Dordabis, follow the directions as outlined above.
If you are travelling from the South, take the C15 / MR33 to Uhlenhorst and from there travel towards Dordabis. About 20 km beyond Uhlenhorst (before you reach Dordabis) you turn right onto a small gravel road D1219 until you reach a t-junction – some 23 km.  From there you turn left and drive on the D1448 for about 8 km until you reach Kiripotib.